RF Engineer
  • Information Technology Professional with over 6 years of experience in the installation, operation, configuration, and maintenance of cable and wire communications systems, communication security devices including cable installation, fiber optics, systems installation, wiring, and repairs. Extensive experience with COMA wireless technology, computerized telephony integration (CTI), digital circuitry and fiber optics.
  • Installation of hardware such as communications cabinets, racks, UPS, switches; termination on cross connects, hubs, and routers; and installation of copper and fiber optic cabling and patch panels.
  • Telecommunication skills including line installation and repair; configuration, identification of malfunctioning or inoperative equipment or materials; preventive maintenance, checks, and services on tactical communications and select electronic equipment within tactical units; and maintenance of operation system workstations and servers.
  • Ethernet Cable Networking skills including CAT 3, CAT 5/ CAT 6 wiring and termination and CATV troubleshooting, maintenance, and installation.
  • Ability to apply appropriate mechanical, electrical and telecom principles while completing site surveys, project walk-through and service line identification as well as throughout the project life cycle.
  • Interpretation of electrical schematics, measurement of circuit parameters, and wiring and termination, and safety hazards and precautions.
  • Facilitation of testing methods that evaluate hardware and software to determine efficiency, reliability, and compatibility with existing systems.
  • Leadership skills demonstrated through the management and training of military personnel demonstrating drive and discipline that portray professionalism and trustworthiness.
  • Risk management skills to identify, assess, and prioritize issues and concerns and quickly evaluate, prevent, trouble-shoot communications systems, installations or maintenance issues.
  • Computer Skills: Microsoft Office Suite, Remedy
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Fulcrum It
Cable Infrastructure Technician
Mar 2014 - Current

• Install, terminate, splice, repair and test fiber optic, CAT 3, CAT5E copper and coaxial communication cables between designated buildings/facilities and CAT6 for larger projects.
• Annotate the facility documentation depicting equipment rack location, cable routes, and labeled termination drop locations as requested.
• Use construction equipment such as digger derricks, trenchers, or cable plows, to complete installations.
• Pull up cable by hand from large reels mounted on trucks or pull lines through ducts by hand or with winches.
• Install EMT and PVC conduits to route communication cables.
Splice cables, using hand tools, epoxy, or mechanical equipment.
• Label cables at the opening of each point of entry/exit and splicing devices.
• Place insulation over conductors or seal splices with moisture-proof covering.
• Access specific areas to string lines or install terminal boxes, auxiliary equipment, or appliances by entering tunnels, trenches, or crawl spaces as needed.
• Lay underground cable directly in trenches or string it through conduits running through trenches as required.
Inspect or test lines and cables. Record and analyze test results to assess transmission characteristics and locate faults or malfunctions.
• Install amplifiers or repeaters to maintain the strength of communications
transmissions as needed.
Conduct degradation test on lines using appropriate equipment.

Fusion Solutions
Field Service Technician
Jan 2013 - Jan 2014

• Completed field service upgrades on cellular towers from 2G/EDGE to 4G/LTE standard
for optimal performance.
• Used project management experience to create and implement action plans for multiple projects occurring simultaneously; efficiently handled a plethora of tasks while managing high-volume workloads with strict deadlines.
• Supervised and trained up to 7 personnel in the area of testing, troubleshooting, removal and installation of new services.
• Maintain compliance with all quality assurance (OA) and quality control (OC) policies and procedures; 100% field audit compliant.
• Designated subject matter expert (SME), attended all quality assurance meetings, provided status updates, critical impact information, scheduling and other project related information
• Completed 2c cutovers with 911 test call in to TDOA war room.
• Fabricate and connect appropriate cabling to LMU for power and use.
• Connected power to the DUL (6601) in 19" rack, mark cables, completed termination up to 48 volts, completed test calls including 911 calls.
• Utilized hyper-terminal technology to support communications over TCP/IP network protocol.
• Maintain working knowledge of OMT and RBS configuration tools while pulling CAT5, DUL, DUW, (AWS/PCS) and DUG cables.
• Upload AMS tool with photos and closeout package to obtain project completion assessment.


Baghdad signal university
Student Snap VSAT
Jul 2012 - Jul 2012

Snap VSat class

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