Able to make difficult decisions in stressful situations and environments
Maintained excellent-high physical fitness record in Military/Police career
Basic Peace Officer Certified/ TCOLE Certified
Received Police Academy Physical Fitness Award and Plaque
Proficient with enforcing State and Local Laws
Police Department Highest Arrest ratings for all arrests especially Narcotics and Alcohol related incidents
Supervisor for 5 plus years from US Navy, and Police Department, and Oil and Gas Industry.
US Navy Air Crewman SAR Graduate
Engaged in multiple combat firefights with Navy/Police

Qualified Expert in Navy/Police with Handgun’s and Rifle’s
Maintained and supervised highly sensitive helicopter equipment daily
Experience in handling confidential material
Directed and participated in successful confidential missions:
Including Top Secret deployments
Missions / Tasks
Navy – South America – Anti Drug Operations. I worked directly with Special Operations Coast Guard Snipers, Maritime Enforcement, NCIS, and Homeland Security.
My team successfully seized over 16 Metric tons of cocaine.
Navy – Somalia/Africa/Saudi Arabia – Anti Piracy Operations. I worked directly with NCIS, US Navy SEALS, and Civilian Contractors.
My team successfully arrested/detained over 20 Somalian Pirates attempting to hijack cargo ships.
I was indirectly involved in the fleet dealing with Pirate’s holding individuals Hostage, and SEAL Team removing threat.
Perryton Police Dept. – While patrolling observed a male subject climbing into a car attacking an elderly woman with a knife. I made contact with individual and placed him under arrest. The subject was about to murder the elderly woman. Subject was booked in on a 1st Degree Felony.
Conducted multiple arrest warrant round up with Grayson County Sherriff’s Office, Whitewright Police Dept. and Tom Bean Police Dept., and Perryton Police Dept.
Proficient in arrest’s for misdemeanors and felony’s as well as transports
Conducted Police Sting operations
Conducted thousands of traffic stops
Investigated multiple Felony and Misdemeanor cases
Experienced at proofreading and checking content of reports daily
Proficient at researching and writing reports daily.
Proven ability to communicate effectively in diverse environments
Experienced in complex radio communications under adverse conditions
Communicate with others very well and appropriately
Coordinate time critical work assignments daily
Evaluated performance and safety of a team of thirty five Navy personnel.
Conducted efficient safety training using hazardous materials and proper use of equipment and handling for 337 individuals within my organization
In charge of the SFST and Drug Program for Tom Bean Police Dept.
Manage Rig sites and take care of necessary invoices, rig up and down planning, employee work schedules Ect.

AcademiProtective Armed Security Contractor for High Ranking Officials
Perryton Police Department
Patrol Officer
Advanced Solids Control
Field Tech / Supervisor
Oil and Gas industry services
Environmental Drilling Solutions
Supervisor / Back Yard Manager
Oil and Gas industry services.
Tom Bean Police Department
Police Officer
Whitewright Police Department
Reserve Police Officer
U.S. Navy
Aviation Electrician/ Telecommunications - AircrewmanEDUCATIONSpecialized Training
Rifle and Handgun Advanced Tactical Weapons Handling range course
Advanced Knowledge of Narcotics Trafficking
Advanced Narcotics Recognition
Accident Investigation and Reconstruction
Crime Scene Investigation
Standardized Field Sobriety Certified
Advanced Spanish for Law Enforcement
Intermediate Arrest, Search and Seizure
Intermediate Child Abuse Prevention
Advanced Use of Force
Advanced Human Trafficking
Intermediate Asset Forfeiture
Intermediate Racial Profiling
Advanced Crisis Intervention Training
Special Investigative Topics
Intermediate Cultural Diversity
Advanced Family Violence
US Naval Aircrew Training
Aircrew Rotary Training
Rescue Swimmer Training
Water Survival Training
Certified Diver
General Training
First Aid, Sexual Assault Intervention, Sexual Harassment and Grievance
Procedures, Alcohol Misuse, Petty Officer Leadership Courses, Personal Responsibility and Values Education, Motorcycle Foundation Safety Course, Introduction to Suicide Prevention, DOD Information Awareness, Basic Demolition Range Course, Weapons, Ammunition Handling and Loading, Shipboard and Aircraft Firefighting, HAZMAT Spill and Clean Up, TASER Certified, OC Spray Certified, NCIC/TCIC Certified, CPR/AED Certified
Continuing Education with Central Texas College and Grayson Community College
Graduated Texoma Regional Police Academy
Currently Majoring Criminal Justice Degree
TCOLE Certified

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Spanish Speaking? No
Willing to Relocate? No
Years Experience 4 years

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