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Technology is changing—and so is your business.  Understanding UC and your enterprise is the first step in keeping up with changing technologies.  The enterprise communications technology landscape has changed significantly, transforming the way we communicate in the business world.  Business is operating at a faster pace, through mobile applications, and across multiple sites.  People are using a variety of products and services to meet all communications expectations in their professional and personal lives.

Unified Communications (UC) enables the collaborative use of multiple communication methods to improve user productivity and business processes.  People communicate through desk phones, mobile devices, tablets, and communications-enabled business processes.

Most companies recognize the need for telephony and voicemail, e-mail, IM, conferencing (audio, video, and web), but often they need help putting all of the “pieces” together.

That’s where Continuant comes in.  By acting as a solutions integrator we bring together all of the elements of a company’s UC program and make them work together, effortlessly and seamlessly—across different devices and services.

For organizations to get the most return on their UC investment, integration with existing or new business processes is vital.  Continuant not only understands the various UC products and technology, but we are committed to understanding your business, thereby assuring a successful deployment of any UC program.
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5050 20th Street East, Fife, WA 98424, USA 98424

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