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Phone #: (605) 665-7532
4400 West 31st Street, Yankton, SD 57078, South Dakota

Ehresmann Engineering was incorporated as a family business in 1983 and well positioned for success with a knowledgeable person, Les Ehresmann at the helm.  His passion for engineering with an emphasis in tower design made him a visionary for our company today.  I am honored to have the opportunity to lead a team of dedicated employees who are committed to making a top performing company in our industry.

I strongly believe in the quality of our people, our services, products, and I have made a substantial personal investment in this company. Throughout my career, my own capital has always been invested in Ehresmann Engineering. There is no better place to devote one's resources than in employees, services, and products. Consequently, fulfilling our goal and giving us satisfaction from customer endorsement, the Ehresmann Engineering, Inc. name is synonymous with relentless pursuit of achievement. We are inspired by Les Ehresmann's legacy and are systematically driven to the perfection Les not only inspired but expected from his fellow coworkers.

Our executive team comes from an industrial culture and is focused on creating value for the company as quickly as possible while also recognizing the importance of process and systems required to efficiently manage the company. Our goal is to balance these disciplines while staying flexible enough to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

As we pursue our goal of becoming the preeminent tower manufacturer, we know that achieving our goal will take significant time and effort. I am grateful for the hard work and steadfast dedication our team has given thus far, and look forward to providing a quality service and superior product to our customers.


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4400 West 31st Street, Yankton, SD 57078, South Dakota

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