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Since 1961, ESSCO has been the world’s technological leader and supplier of ground-based rigid radomes and naval shipboard radome applications. Since our inception, multiple companies have entered and exited this marketplace. We believe that the longevity of ESSCO is based on the following core principles that the company was founded upon.

To provide the most technologically advanced radomes available in order to meet or exceed customers specifications and expectations
To treat our customers with the utmost respect and integrity and to build relationships with them that are based on a team principle of achieving common goals
To provide quality products and services that are recognized as the benchmark of the industry
To be consistently recognized worldwide as the technological leader in the industry
To instill in each and every one of our employees a commitment to excellence
Having lived by these core principles since our founding over 50 years ago the following are some of the key factors that separates us from our competition.

Industry Leadership and Longevity - For over half a century, whether in the U.S or Internationally, when a radome is required the first company thought of is ESSCO. No other company in the industry can match ESSCO’s commitment to research and development, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, quality and product, and practical field experience available in either our U.S. and European manufacturing locations.


Having produced well over 5,000 radomes that have been delivered and installed on every continent in the world provides us with a tremendous breath of experience and unique insight into specific site conditions that no other manufacturer or service provider has. Our experience in all aspects of large, multi-year, U.S. Government and international programs, consisting of program management, planning, manufacturing, delivery and installation is unsurpassed in the industry.

Unity of vision - Whether in the U.S. or at our manufacturing facility in Ireland, our design, manufacturing, and testing capabilities are entirely integrated and operated by our in-house staff of manufacturing and engineering professionals. As a result, our entire organization starting from the point of sale through, planning, program management, manufacturing, quality and to final installation is dedicated to fulfilling one objective: delivering the highest quality, and best performing radomes in the world.

Range of disciplines - Having complete in-house capabilities for design, engineering, manufacturing, testing and installation we are the only company in the industry with the internal resources able to quickly address any technical issues that may arise – structural, electromagnetic, material, field related or otherwise.

A total systems approach - As both a producer of radomes and high-precision antenna reflectors, we have the unique perspective and technical know-how necessary to optimize the performance and efficiency of your system.

Turnkey solutions - We have extensive experience providing turnkey solutions around the world, handling all phases of projects from concept through completion of installation and site acceptance.

Quality assurance - We are a major supplier to the U.S. Government, NATO and other worldwide agencies, and our QA program attains the highest level of quality for both ISO procedures and military specifications.

Field service support - With over 50 years of experience in radome and antenna installation, commissioning, inspection and maintenance; crews operating out of the U.S, Europe, Asia and the Middle East; and services ranging from technical advisory assistance to full turnkey solutions, our seasoned professionals have installed radomes in every environment, from the Artic to the Antarctic and from mountaintops to shipboard to 300-ft. towers.

Customer service - As part of our core principles, we deliver the highest level of service throughout the lifecycle of our radomes. Our responsiveness to customers needs and technical excellence have earned us many important honors throughout our history, including:

Supplier of the Year Award: Lockheed Missiles and Space Company
Supplier of the Year Award: Paramax Systems (now Lockheed Martin)
Supplier of the Year Award (two-time winner): Westinghouse Electric, (now Northrop Grumman)
Safety Management Award: J&J Strategic Management Inc.

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