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Personalized communications is becoming the norm, rather than the exception. People view what they want, when they want it, and how they want it. This personalization not only enhances and customizes our experience, but increases our chances to share content.

The leading market research company Nielsen recently stated in its Digital Consumer Report 84 percent of people use tablets and smartphones as a second device while watching TV. In addition, 39 percent of people use social media while at work. American culture and smartphone connectivity habits are evolving with millennials leading the way and baby boomers and other generations following them. In some ways, advanced mobile networks and smart mobile devices have become the catalysts for this change.

Emergence of ultra-broadband mobile and wireless networks, coupled with lightning-fast computers and devices, has made it possible to be connected anytime, anywhere. Households whose means of communications with the outside world consisted of a basic telephone and possibly a desktop PC are now replete with connected devices, most connected to high-speed wireless networks with processing power to spare. Today’s digital consumer has multiple connected devices and a plethora of content.

In this increasingly complex communications world, ExteNet offers highly innovative and viable solutions. ExteNet enables advanced Mobile Connectivity for its customers via its Distributed Networks.

ExteNet designs, owns and operates multi-carrier, often referred to as “neutral-host”, and multi-technology Distributed Networks to ensure multiple Wireless Service Providers (WSPs) can provide their 3G and 4G LTE services in the most effective and efficient manner. ExteNet creates a scalable network design utilizing its high-bandwidth fiber network to ensure the network densification needs of the WSPs are met and continually scale as user demands dictate.

Distributed networks ensure wireless network elements like low-powered antennas and access points are brought closer to the user to ensure a high quality network that enable ubiquitous and high-capacity wireless broadband connectivity for the WSPs and their customers. These scalable, high capacity and multi-carrier Distributed Networks are optimal for both Outdoor and Indoor settings and help extend the coverage and enhance the capacity of the services offered by the major WSPs in key strategic markets that ExteNet operates in.

Distributed Networks, owned and operated by ExteNet, are adaptable and scalable, using shared network and infrastructure elements to support multiple communication technologies and are capable of evolving as technology changes dictate. These range from Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), Distributed Radio Access Networks (Distributed RAN), Small Cells, Wi-Fi, Distributed Soft switching and in many instances, hybrids of some or all of these.

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