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About 10 years ago, I purchased my first portable GPS unit, a Tomtom GO. I was so excited to play with this marvel of technology that I fired it up, got it locked on to the satellites, and sat for hours in the house just messing around with it.

OK, now it was time for a real test! I took it outside to my car. The first thing I noticed walking to my cars was that I could no longer see the display! This wasn’t unexpected, "it will be OK once I get in in the car" I thought. Well, guess what? It wasn’t any better in the car at all! My heart sank. I just spent $400 on something that in real conditions was pretty much useless. The screen was so washed out by the sunlight, all I could see was myself reflected in the shiny display.

I began to search the internet for a solution to this problem. I found anti-glare screen protectors, but those inhibit the touch sensitivity of the touch-screen.

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