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We started GoTrack™, Inc. in 2001 to help our existing business customers track their vehicles and manage their service business. We now have thousands of vehicles using GoTrack™ tracking units and over the years we have noticed that some of the biggest drawbacks to individuals and small businesses taking advantage of GPS vehicle tracking have been the inconvenience and high cost of custom installations as well as entering into 2 or 3 year airtime contracts.

That is why we developed GoTrack™ EZ. The GoTrack™ EZ device simply plugs into your vehicles OBD-II (on-board diagnostics) port that all vehicles manufactured after 1995 are required to have. We also chose to eliminate any long term contracts.

In addition, we have the GoTrack™ 3-Wire device. This unit is exactly the same as the GoTrack™ EZ OBD-II unit except it connects to the vehicle with 3 wires (12 VDC, Ignition and Ground). This unit is for vehicles older than 1996 and large trucks/buses that do not have an OBD-II port and discreet installations.

All GoTrack™ information is secure and accessed only when you enter your user ID and password. No software is ever required since GoTrack™ is a web-based application. You automatically receive free upgrades to the system and maps every time the application is updated.

Whether you are a parent looking to monitor your teenager, keep tabs on an aging parent or if you have several hundred vehicles in your company fleet, we can make your life easier, safer and more profitable.

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