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Phone #: (915) 751-3222
Email: gps@zeli.com
Website: https://www.zeli.com/

Zeli Systems manufactures the SATPAK family of military and commercial carrier-board products that provide GPS packaging solutions for popular computer platforms. The SATPAK family of products provides flexibility by allowing the customer to select a GPS receiver from a variety of vendors that will satisfy specific positioning or timing requirements.

Military and commercial SATPAK solutions are available for the PC/104, CompactPCI, VME, PCI, and ISA platforms. Military SATPAK carrier solutions are available for PC/104 and CompactPCI users that require GPS receivers employing Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module (SAASM) technology.  A carrier printed circuit board (PCB) is coming soon for the Rockwell Collins MicroGRAM.   A universal GPS carrier, the Slotless GPS Adapter (SGA) is also available for the Rockwell-Collins Ground Based GPS Receiver Application Module (GB-GRAM), Trimble FORCE22, and commercial GPS modules. A packaged version of the SGA called the SGA-GBGRAM slides into a mating enclosure in the same manner a removable disk drive is inserted into a computer chassis.

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