Axcess Rescue Rope Access Training

register at RSIAxcessRescue specializes in needs based rope access training. We provide training to those whose work varies from low angle to complex high angle situations. We believe the level of training required should be based upon the type of work being done. Safety is the number one goal of work on rope and we strive to instill safe work and rescue practices in our students. Courses available in Spanish.

Axcess Rescue Rope Access Training

In addition to our scheduled courses, we can also provide last minute, client specific training depending upon our availability and the number of students needing training.

We offer training that will meet the certification requirements of SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians). In addition, AxcessRescue can provide certified SPRAT evaluations.

Our east coast training centers are the premier facilities of their kind. They provide unparalleled training opportunities that maximize student hands-on time and skill retention. We provide unlimited training facilitated by over 1500 feet of rope in service, true fall protection equipment use, and realistic training props including towers, scaffolds, ladders, and building roofs. In addition, we provide students with extended learning days to help promote confidence and assist with a complete learning experience that is realistic to their rope access needs.

All AxcessRescue courses meet ANSI Z490.1-2001 adult training criteria in safety, health and environmental training, the highest industry standard for safety training. They also meet and exceed the current OSHA regulations along with the ANSI A10.32-2004 fall protection for construction and the Z359.2-2007 standard minimum requirements for comprehensive managed fall protection programs.

Rope Access training is physically demanding and requires a strong level of physical fitness. You will be required to climb and descend rope for the entire duration of the class. Those with cardiac conditions, obesity, or other physical impairments should see their doctor prior to attempting a rope access course. AxcessRescue is not and cannot be responsible for inability to complete a course, or for any condition arising from the exertion required to participate in a course.