Axcess Rescue Training Facilities

We currently offer a variety of training at our facilities in Bristol, Rhode Island (near Providence), and Chattanooga, Tennessee. Check out our Locations!!! In addition, AxcessRescue offers courses throughout the world at any suitable, approved site. We can work with clients to provide rigging supervision in commercial buildings, bridges, industrial sites, and other suitable environments. […]

Axcess Rescue Controlled Descent Training

AxcessRescue offers industry specific controlled descent (RDS) training. We provide training in the basic fundamentals of controlled descent (also termed rope descent systems) and working safely and efficiently at height. In addition, basic and advanced rescue techniques are presented to provide for self and co-worker rescues. Our courses exceed the IWCA standards. At AxcessRescue, we […]

Axcess Rescue Competent Climber Training

AxcessRescue offers industry specific competent climber training. Our state of the art facilities provide unparalleled opportunity for students to climb towers, ladders, and other structure props providing training in the basic fundamentals of climbing and working safely and efficiently at height. In addition, basic and advanced rescue techniques are presented to provide for self and […]

Axcess Rescue Fall Protection Training

AxcessRescue provides fall protection training that is based upon worker applications. We have state of the art facilities that include a wide variety of equipment and environment choices. This includes equipment from a variety of manufacturers and our training environments provide indoor and outdoor facilities with a full complement of work at height and safety […]

Axcess Rescue Rope Access Training

AxcessRescue specializes in needs based rope access training. We provide training to those whose work varies from low angle to complex high angle situations. We believe the level of training required should be based upon the type of work being done. Safety is the number one goal of work on rope and we strive to […]

Axcess Rescue Wind Turbine Training

AxcessRescue provides wind turbine training specifically designed around meeting the needs of those working in, and responding to emergencies that may occur on wind turbines. Simple, retainable skills and systems that enable co-worker and responder rescue in an extremely timely and safe manner. Our training is the only training of its type in the US […]

Axcess Rescue Confined Space Training

Confined space entry is common in construction and general industry. The typical approach to training is often complicated and dependent upon specific techniques and equipment. AxcessRescue takes a simplistic approach to the fundamentals of safe practices for entry and work in confined spaces. Our program explores first the clients need within their scope of operations […]

Axcess Rescue Rope Rescue Training

AxcessRescue specializes in student focused, needs based rope rescue training they can really use when the time comes to respond. Skills that are needed in the real world to solve even the most complex response needs and provide a strong foundation for critical thinking while on scene. This includes scenario based training, which encourages students […]

Axcess Rescue Other Services Training

AxcessRescue provides a variety of training that expand beyond our core training areas such as: Personal Escape Training Bridge Access, Safety and Rescue Specialized Military Training Military/Tactical Minimalist Rope Rescue Tactical Rescue Operations Tower Rescue Portable Anchors (Artificial High Directionals) Wilderness and Mountain Rescue Advanced Rope Rescue Seminars Cave and Mine Rescue Helicopter Operations and […]