Company Location 5077 State Park Rd
Company Website
City Dublin
Category Electrician, Tower Climber, Tower Foreman, Tower Hand, Tower Lead
Zip 24084
Frequency Weekly

TW Celcom is located in Southwest Virginia. We are an installation company for the wireless industry and have been in business for 5 years. We have a strong reputation across many markets and many different customers. We offer installations on the ground as well as on the tower. Ground level, we install DC Power plants, Batteries, BTS cabinets, etc. On the tower level, we install antennas, radios, booms, lines, etc. TW Celcom is family owned and our employees are treated as such. Our main concern is safety for our employees so we provide them with the latest and greatest equipment to insure they have everything they need to perform their duties safely. Our quality is unmatched to our competitors and we are looking for strong career oriented employees that share the passion in putting their stamp on a finished product.

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