• Cumulative GPA: 3.1

Relevant Coursework

• Atmospheric Thermodynamics and Cloud Physics, Calculus (I,II, III), Differential Equations, Dynamic
Meteorology, Forecasting Mesoscale Processes, Introduction to Earth and Atmospheric Physics,
Introduction to Probability and Statistics, Introduction to Radar Meteorology, Introduction to Remote
Sensing, Operational Weather Forecasting, Scientific Programing For Earth And Atmospheric Sciences,
Synoptic Meteorology

Work Experience

University of Alabama in Huntsville Huntsville, Alabama Feb. 2018-present
Student Specialist II

• Assist in the design, construction, implementation and deployment of the surface based weather
station known as EMESH (Environmental Monitoring Economical Sensor Hubs).
EMESH is designed to be an inexpensive automated weather station that forms an observational network used to study the
atmosphere. Currently, there are 80 EMESH weather stations that are fully operational and were most recently used in the
National Science Foundation funded project GRAINEX (The Great Plains Irrigation Experiment) in Lincoln, Nebraska.

• Maintain and develop all meteorological instruments on EMESH to ensure accurate data collection in
the field including: soil moisture, soil temperature, environmental temperature, relative humidity, wind
speed, precipitation and wind direction sensors.
EMESH is owned by The University of Alabama in Huntsville and was created by Dr. Udaysanker Nair of The Department of
Atmospheric Science. It is maintained and operated by his research group of PhD, graduate and undergraduate students.

• Work Sample: https://www.uah.edu/essc/essc-news/12938-can-billions-of-corn-plants-affect-the-weather-in-

Data Transfer Solutions, LLC (DTS) Orlando, Florida Dec.17-Jan 2018
GIS Intern (temporary position)
• Applied GIS (Geographical Information Systems) tactics while integrating asset management
solutions in spatial arrays through the use of VUEWorks software.
VueWorks is a web-enabled GIS asset management solution software created by DTS. It is designed for use by
corporations, schools, theme parks, and local and state governments that need to track the condition of their
physical assets.
• Introduced to the GIS industry as a supporting member of the VueWorks team in a company setting,
including hands on training in ArcGIS.
University of Alabama in Huntsville Huntsville, Alabama May-Aug 2017

Student Researcher (temporary position)

• Recipient of the annual award for undergraduate research formally known as the RCEU program.
Funded through the University of Alabama in Huntsville and The Alabama Space Grant Consortium, the RCEU (Research or
Creative Experience For Undergrads) program aims to foster cooperation between students and researchers in a research
endeavor and to expose the student to academic scholarly work. The program lasts twelve weeks and includes
professional development seminars, and a required poster session of completed research at the end of the program.

• Research consisted of studying the impacts that urban geometry and land use have on outdoor
thermal comfort. Using academic literature review, field study tactics and meteorological analysis,
the research aimed to interpret heat stress indicators during the summer months in Huntsville,

• Work Sample: https://www.uah.edu/news/research/uah-earth-system-science-student-does-the-research-sprint

University of Alabama in Huntsville Huntsville, Alabama Jan. -April 2016

Student Specialist I

• Work consisted of Atmospheric Chemistry research. Maintained ozonesonde laboratory and
prepared and tested ozonzesondes regularly. Helped in preparing datasets for ozone concentrations
in vertically profiled arrays through sounding data.
Deployed 0zonesonde balloon flights every Saturday at approximately 1300 hours for research.

Special Skills and Training

• Field Work and Research Skills: Basic knowledge in operating mobile Doppler on Wheels (DOW) units in field
campaign settings. Basic knowledge in electrical circuitry including raspberry pi computer boards. Intermediate
experience in maintaining and troubleshooting mobile radar and surface based meteorological instrumentation
units. Intermediate experience in radiosonde balloons including deployments and analyzing sounding data.
Ability to critically think and problem solve in research and field settings.

• Software Skills: Advanced experience in MS Windows including Excel and Macintosh OS 10. Basic knowledge of
LINUX software, VueWorks asset management software, ArcGIS software, GRAWMET radiosonde sounding software,
AWIPS software, and BUFKIT software. Basic programming knowledge in Python and C.

Additional Information


• UAH AMS (Atmospheric Meteorological Society) 2014-present
• UAH NSLS (National Society of Leadership and Service) 2014-present
• UAH UPSTORM (Undergraduate Profile Sounding Team for Operational and Research Meteorology) 2016-present


• Congressional Letter of Recommendation for United States Naval Academy 2014
From Congressmen Randy Weber

• RCEU (Research or Creative Experience for Undergraduates) Award Recipient 2017

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