Tower Foreman

Operational Oversight/Management
Equipment Operations/Maintenance
Client/Management Relationships
Quality Control/Safety/SOP/Inspection
Strong Interpersonal and Relationship Skills

Professional Experience

Cameron a Schlumberger Company, Midland, TX
Flowback Specialist 1 (2019 – 2020)

Supervise the activities of several employees to ensure all equipment and material were available. Lead drill out operations using manual choke manifolds/change out screens on plug catchers, setting flow rates, perform nipple up and down wellheads, and BOB Stacks using torque unit.

Lead frac operations opening, closing, and greasing valves. Torque and test well and zipper manifold. Prepare flow back well in case of a screen out or pressure out incident. Operate Nighthawk de-sander.

Perform rig-up and rig-down operations with a 2-inch and 3-inch iron, wellheads, and BOBS. Coordinate with third parties for valves and equipment pickup and delivery. Interacted with customers to understand service expectations and provide exceptional client support.

Plaster and Wald Consulting - Frac Completions, Mustang, OK
Frac Consultant/Foreman (2018 – 2019)

Supervised frac jobs and completions rigs. Managed activities of over 45 personnel while calling jobs. Performed duties following Continental Resources, Calyx and Ram Energy’s HSE standards. Attended pre frac meetings, prepared locations for rig up, coordinated with the frac crews. Prepared the wireline, NU ND B section, tubing hangers, frac stacks, VR plugs, and flow back tank.

Supervised multi-well high rate slickwater stages/zipper frac and toe preps/sliding sleeves. Managed the POD diverter operated by TTS. Advised on the number of pods to drop, which was dependent on the number of perforations, pressure, and the percent of diversion to be performed. Calculated downhole rates pressure, hydrostatic pressure, frac gradients, and other variables.

Utilized Google Live and WellView to submit daily reports and sent email updates on stages and provided updates on plans for the next consultant. Planned operations to meet established schedules while accounting for in order demands and business forecasts. Ensured projects were completed according to approved time, quality, and cost estimates. Set and revised production schedules to meet changing demands

Collaborated with technical and administrative teams to develop and implement successful corrective plans. Attended on-site meetings with subcontractors and clients. Tracked parts and equipment used on each job site. Maintained zero site accidents and lost workdays. Communicated with vendors to keep the project operational.

Falcon/EFS Flowback, Oklahoma City, OK
Lead Well Tester/Flowhand /Consultant (2016 – 2018)

Served as a flowback consultant on jobs, monitored weights, and pressures during operations. Performed drill/out operations, which included monitoring pressures, water levels, and water rates, applying adjustable and positive chokes on choke manifold, and button chokes on gas buster. Verified compressor/gas lifts were operating correctly. Set pop-offs for suction and RPMS on compressors to establish Injection rates. Monitored casing and tubing, flow rate, buyback gas injection rate, and sales rate of the well. Ensured third-party vendors followed safety guidelines and SOPs and performed flow back well if a screen-out occurred.

Recorded readings every hour, scored flow rates for water and oil, casing and tubing pressures, inlet pressure, motor temp, amps, and hertz of motors and input information into daily reports. Tested the Co2 level for gas to ensure it was low enough to transfer to sales. Used hydraulic trailer to operate hydraulic chokes and plug catchers. Ordered chemicals, proppant, and equipment to various locations.

Managed quality assurance program, including on-site evaluations, internal audits, and customer surveys. Handled customer concerns and queries concerning operational statuses. Interacted with customers to determine requirements and services desired. Enforced cost-saving initiatives to address long-standing problems. Promoted operational improvements, which resulted in improved profit margins.

Basic Energy Services Inc., Duncan, OK
Lead Equipment Operator (2015 – 2016)

Provided fracing expertise to different crews that were shorthanded for various reasons. Operated all fracing equipment, including calling jobs, blenders, pumps, and sand kings. Completed paperwork for jobs, performed pre and post-trip inspections, work tickets, and DOT logs Also conducted routine maintenance and repair of equipment.

Contributed skills to several different types of operations, including foam cement (Halliburton and Baker Hughes), foam frac (Basic Energy). Also performed remedial work, which included supplying nitrogen for drill outs and cleanouts and pressuring up perf guns.

Conducted frequent inspections to identify and resolve problems affecting performance. Proactively practiced quality assurance programs, including on-site inspections, internal audits, and customer surveys. Maintained operations in compliance with company, safety, and legal requirements.

Around the Curve LLC, Louisville, OH
Frac Consultant / Foreman (2014 – 2015)

Supervised fracing jobs and completions rigs. Managed multi-well high rate crosslink stages/zipper frac and toe preps/ sliding sleeves. Also oversaw flow back operations if screen-outs occurred and coil tubbed operations for cleanouts/drill outs. Supervised 45+ men while calling job. Performed duties following Chesapeake HSE standards. Attended pre frac meetings, prepared locations for rig up, coordinated with fracking crews, wireline, NU ND B sections, tubing hangers, frac stacks, VR plugs, and flow back tanks. Ran downhole cameras to work on split and damaged casing and fishing jobs.

Calculated downhole rates pressure, hydrostatic pressure, frac gradients, and similar performance metrics. Interacted with engineers for completions producers for Utica Shale and Marcella's South. Worked with coil tubing performing prep work, well drill outs, and cleanouts.

Submitted daily reports, sent emails for updates on stages, and provided updates for the next on-duty consultant. Prepared production reports helping senior leadership make accurate operational plans and decisions. Evaluated production levels, quality standards, and maintenance actions to identify and address operational problems and maintain targets. Planned operations to meet established schedules and accounted for order demands and business forecasts.

Oversaw routine maintenance programs and scheduled service to keep equipment functioning. Collaborated with technical and administrative teams to develop and implement corrective plans. Ensured projects were completed according to approved time, quality, and cost estimates.

Interacted with employees to demonstrate high standards and mitigate issues. Implemented best practices and critical thinking to develop the best solutions. Successfully maintained zero site accidents and lost workdays. Reviewed project details to ensure correct materials and equipment for different jobs. Participated in on-site meetings with subcontractors and clients. Monitored employee attendance and handled payroll. Interacted with vendors to keep the project fully operational. Maximized resource utilization and achieved production targets.

Halliburton, Duncan, OK
Service Supervisor 1 (2005 – 2014)

Supervised crew of up to 25 workers during daily frac operations. Complete job safety analysis documentation. Ensured that each location was properly rigged up/down safely and efficiently while making last-minute decisions with safety procedures and protocols. Supervised jobs from the tech command center, which included monitoring pressure, chemical, and amount of proppant consumed, Calculated casing and tubing depths.

Managed well site ensure all tasks such as well audit checklist were completed correctly. For 18 months, worked as the Job Site Safety Leader and performed job safety analysis documentation (JSA). Conducted DOT audits on logbooks, pre/post trips, and vehicles. Coordinated and requisitions chemicals, proppant, and equipment.


High School Diploma

Graham TX

Certificate of Completion

Machine Shop Technology
Red River Technology
Blueprint Reading
Red River Vocational-Tech
Duncan OK
Halliburton Machinist School
Duncan OK


Safety Unlimited (2018)

Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness Training Cameron (2019)

CAMTech1: Troubleshooting, Time Management, Leadership (Supervising 3-40 people), Negotiations, Coordinate Equipment Delivery and Days Off, Computer/Communication Skills,
Safety Oriented/CPR/First Aid, Wellbore Calculations, Maintenance of Equipment, PEC Safeland, H2s Certified, Wellsite Safety, Operation of Machine Shop Machinery, and CDL with Hazmat


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