Tower Tech

Sprint 2.5 class
Tower side experience includes: coaxial, fiber, and power support, mounting equipment, weather proofing, running lines, azm tools, some Anritsu D module testing experience (Sprint and AT&T), some ODM fiber testing experience
Civil side experience includes: equipment operation, grading, steel tying, rocking compounds, fence, irrigation and landscaping.
Experience with T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint

Frostproof High SchoolFrostproofFL
Good communication and people skills.
Don’t mind extensive travel.
I work hard, I'm punctual, and dependable. Eager to prove myself.
Ambitious, looking to gain knowledge, experience, and move up the ladder.

Last Resume Update December 21, 2014
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Spanish Speaking? No
Willing to Relocate? Yes
Years Experience 2

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