Operating Systems: Linux, Windows Server, Windows XP
Wireless Technologies: LTE, LTE-Advanced, EPC, IMS, UMTS, CDMA,
GSM, Optical Communication (SONET, OTN),Wi-Fi
Networking Tools: Putty, Cisco Packet Tracer, Wireshark, Tera Term
Northeastern University | Boston, MA
Candidate for M.S. in Telecommunication Systems Management Expected May 2018
Relevant Coursework: Telecommunication Convergence, Data Networking,
Telecommunication Architecture and Systems, Linux for Network Engineer’s
Mumbai University | Mumbai, India
B.Tech in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering June 2013
Relevant Coursework: Mobile Communication Systems, Digital Communication
Ericsson Certified IP Technology July 2016
Ericsson India Global Pvt. Limited, India, CDMA-RAN Network Engineer Jan. 2015 – Aug. 2016
• Lucent CDMA RAN network administration.
• Coordinated planned events, fault research, rectification of various Lucent RAN network issues
• Published root cause analysis(RCA) for critical issues of Lucent RAN network.
• Development of tools for network administration e.g.: Backhaul Bandwidth Utilization tool
ALUMS India Pvt. Limited, India, CDMA IP Backhaul Engineer Dec. 2013 –Nov. 2014

• Lucent CDMA IP Backhaul Network Administration

IEEE Paper Presentation on "Advances and Challenges Towards a Scalable RAN" Nov. 2016
• Scalability of Cloud RAN with the increasing data rate and processing.
Linux based Ad-hoc network Implementation Dec. 2016
• Ad-hoc network consisting of networking modules of DHCP, DNS, Firewalls,
Web-Server, Mail-Server, Back-up Server using Linux bash shell scripting
Client-Server Model Implementation using Socket Programming in Python Nov. 2016
• Designed a TCP based Client-Server model to perform arithmetic operations

Presentation on the Technical Review of Alcatel Lucent 7750 Service Router-12 April 2017

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