Central Office Installer


I have a combined work experience that covers 5 years Machining, 5 years mainframe wiring and 5 years as a nuclear technician.


A.A. in Biological Science from CHIPOLA College in 2008
B.S. in Biological Science from Florida State University-pursuant


Chipola College Telecommunications Installation Level 1
Tele-Tek Modified Telecom Installation Level 1
Systems Resources Telecommunications Installation Level 2
ADEX Modified Telecom Installation Level 2
GE-Hitachi Control Rod Drive Change Out and Rebuild
GE-Hitachi Hydraulic Control Unit Maintenance and Rebuild
GE-Hitachi Instrumentation and Control Training
GE-Hitachi Reactor Services Technician Training
GE-Hitachi Underwater Camera Handling Training
GE-Hitachi Electrical Tech (E-Tech) Training
Westinghouse CRD Exchange
Westinghouse I&C Level 1Training
Westinghouse RST Training
Westinghouse In-Vessel Visual Inspection (Underwater)
Westinghouse Fuel Movement for Boiling Water Reactors




General Electric CRD Technician
Plant Limerick
Pennsylvania Inventory, Set-up, SOS (Shoot Out Steele) removal, CRD exchange, De-torque and Torque of CRDs, PIP (Position Indicating Probe) exchange and troubleshooting, Preventative Maintenance and dry run for the Under Vessel carousel work platform.

General Electric CRD Technician
Plant Hope Creek
New Jersey Hatch door removal, Shoot out steel, Assisted in Audio/Video Communication Set-up, De-Torque of CRDs, Uncoupling CRBs (Control Rod Blade), CRD exchange, PIP exchange, Torque CRDs

General Electric CRD Technician
Plant Peach Bottom
Pennsylvania CRD Staging, Shoot out steel, De-Torque, Uncoupling of CRBs, CRD exchange, PIP exchange, LPRM (Local Power Range Monitor) Drain Can installation and flushing, teardown and reassembly of SRMs (Source Range Monitors) and IRMs (Intermediate Range Monitor), Torque CRDs

General Electric IVVI Technician
Plant La Salle
Illinois Set-up Camera Systems for IVVI duties, Underwater manual Camera handler, Underwater Brushing, Underwater Vacuuming, Underwater IVVI for sensitive Technician Level 1

General Electric I&C, HCU, and CRD Technician
Plant Laguna Verde
Veracruz, Mexico CRD exchange, Shoot out steel, PIP exchange, CRD rebuild, CRD leak rate test, HCU valve replacement, H2O Accumulator rebuild, HCU Actuator rebuild, HCU, pressure test, TIP tubing, Drain cans, LPRM & SRM prep and exchange.

General Electric I&C, HCU, and CRD Technician
Laguna Verde
Veracruz, Mexico Hatch door removal, CRD exchange, Shoot out steel, Audio Video Communication set-up, PIP exchange, CRD rebuild, CRD leak rate test, De-Torque and Torque, Uncoupling, HCU valve replacement, H2O Accumulator rebuild, HCU Actuator rebuild, Finger Filter replacement, HCU pressure test, TIP tubing, Drain cans, LPRM & SRM prep and exchange

General Electric Electrical Technician for Mod Job
Louisiana Lead Electrical Technician (E-Tech) for Main Steam Line Strain Gauge Installation, Cabling prep work, Pulled cable through containment, Spliced cables for gauges, and stress tested completed work

General Electric CRD Technician
Pennsylvania Hatch door removal, Shoot out steel, CRD exchange, uncoupling, torque, PIP exchange

Westinghouse I&C Technician
Michigan Inventory check, Shoot out steel removal and installation, I&C troubleshooting, PIP exchange, CRD exchange support, SRM/IRM Motor Module maintenance, SRM/IRM stroke verification, relay room LPRM isolation, and pack-out

Westinghouse RST and IVVI Level I Technician
Duane Arnold
Iowa Disassembly and Reassembly (RPV Head, Dome head, Insulation package), Dome Head bolt cleaning, Stud removal, Cavity lighting installation, Tri-Nuke filter exchange, IVVI, brushing, and annulus vacuuming

2013 Westinghouse I&C Technician
Minnesota Crew leader for SRM and IRM maintenance. Teardown and reassembly of LPRMs, Detector removal and reinstallation of SRM and IRM detectors, trouble-shooting and setting limit switches for in-core instrumentation

2013 Westinghouse I&C and CRD technician
Nine Mile Point
New York SRM detector replacement, CRD exchange, LPRM maintenance, WRM maintenance, SRM drive-tube replacement, trouble-shooting and setting limit switches for In-Core Instrumentation

2014 Westinghouse RST and Vessel Technician
Michigan Heavy rigging, Signalman duties, Bridge Spotter duties, team member during disassembly of the reactor head, Tensioning and de-tensioning of RPV head bolts, preventative maintenance of underwater HEPA filters, preformed underwater IVVI using manual video recording methods, and assisted activated fuel movements.




Compass Lake Engineering
Compass Lake, Florida

Tasks included minor programming of CNC mill operations, troubleshooting issues with CNCs, set-up and operation of CNC mills, experience using a Bridgeport machine, use of industrial brake presses, manual and automatic lathes, extensive use of calipers and micrometers for precise measurements, and quality work. I was also responsible for preventative maintenance on Lathes, brake presses, bead blasting stations, CNC mills, Bridgeport(s), and other machining equipment.




Systems Resources Inc.,
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Telecommunications Technician Level II

Job responsibilities include running a two-man crew in charge of proper IT installation. Other responsibilities were customer rapport building, plan reading, building bays and setting them, assembling ladder rack and fiber duct, cabling, lacing, wire wrapping, C-tap/H-tap, BNC connector installation, continuity testing, and power termination.

Volt Inc.,
Norcross, Georgia
Telecommunications Technician Level I:

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