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Phone #: (503) 505-5800
5550 S.W. Macadam Avenue, Suite 200 Portland, OR 97239, Oregon

When customers need us, we fly straight to where conventional wisdom flees, and bring solutions knowing that every mission needs to be uniquely customized.   Every day, all over the globe, one of our many aircraft from our diverse fleet is performing faster, better, cheaper, or greener than other options.

Our clients like to say we’ve “got their back” when they call in a problem: wildfires, national security, oil and gas exploration, timber harvesting, energy powerline installation, habitat preservation, MEDEVAC needs, design engineering or aircraft maintenance. We’re driven by cutting-edge engineering, elbow grease and optimism, and are continually obsessed with precision and safety.

Our crews can be found most everywhere and anywhere: emerging economies, rocky slopes, tangled jungles, frozen outposts and over relentless seas.

Yes, we fly a myriad of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft really, really well, but we do so to build community infrastructure, preserve lives and property, support our soldiers, and ultimately do our part to make the world a better place. Together, with our partners and clients, the sky’s the limit.

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5550 S.W. Macadam Avenue, Suite 200 Portland, OR 97239, Oregon

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