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Quite simply, a small electronic box fitted discretely inside your vehicle, that sends signals on a regular basis, with details of where it is and what speed it is travelling at. This data comes from the GPS Satellite system, which also feeds position data to millions of SatNav units all over the world.

Modern tracking systems, such as the Pinpointers P200 unit, also support a variety of other types of information, such as periods of engine idling, battery voltage monitoring, door open sensors, to name a few. The most advanced systems now integrate to the vehicles engine management systems, and can report performance and driver behaviour data, such as harsh acceleration and braking, time using the cruise control, pedal position, rpm bands, fuel consumption, and engine diagnostics. The Pinpointers P-CAN has full support for all light commercial and heavy goods vehicles, from Euro3 engines onwards.

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Holyrood Cl, Poole, United Kingdom BH17 7FL

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