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Phone #: (800) 292-7181
Email: wesley@wallacetower.com
Website: wallacetower.com/
P.O. Box 151, Franklin, Arkansas 72536, Arkansas

Your one-stop solution for tower and antenna erection and maintenance. You can also call on us to provide your tower structure needs. We do custom fabricating of antenna mounts, booms, or anything that you need.

We are experienced in microwave, FM radio, AM radio, 2-way business, VHF radio, UHF radio, VHF television, UHF television, amateur radio, cellular, cable TV, microwave, paging systems, wireless Internet, community repeaters, satellites and other carriers.

We have worked on towers at heights of 2,000 feet. We have installed coaxes 5 inches in diameter and weighing 3,500 pounds. We have painted towers over 1,000 feet tall. We have worked on large antennas weighing several thousand pounds and over 100 feet long. We have built towers for many broadcast radio stations, communication companies, paging systems, state governments, as well as many others. We have done complete turnkey jobs with self-supporting and guyed towers

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P.O. Box 151, Franklin, Arkansas 72536, Arkansas

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