Tower Climbing Teams – Working and Thriving with Other Climbers

Tower climbing is a great field to get into, especially if you enjoy teamwork. If you’re a lone wolf, then tower climbing might not be right for you. It takes teamwork and a penchant for camaraderie to be a good tower climber. Here’s why working with others is a core requirement for many companies that hire tower climbers. 

Tower Climbing Is Too Dangerous to Do On Your Own

One of the most compelling reasons as to why companies require their tower climbers to work together in groups is because the work is too dangerous to do by yourself. Anything can happen and unlike most jobs, tower climbing can be extremely dangerous, especially when you don’t have a teammate to help you and look out for you. 

Over the years, as the demands for cellular communication and wireless internet have increased so have the number of antennas that are found on most towers. More antennas mean more risk which means it’s best to work with a team.  

Although routine inspections on communications towers don’t typically require a whole team, more tower climbers will be called out if a problem is detected.  

Teamwork Makes Tower Climbers More Productive

Safety aside, teamwork makes tower workers more productive which is another reason why so many companies make it a requirement to work with others. If you’re working by yourself and you’re halfway up a tower by the time you realize that you’ve forgotten a tool that you need to finish the job, you’ll take up more time than necessary. When you have a team-mate with you on the job they can remind you and tell you that you’re missing something before you go up.  

When you work with a tower climbing team everything works like a well oiled machine. Any mistake that is made is easily remedied by another team member. By working in a tower climbing team you’ll be safer and more productive. 

What Happens When You refuse to Work with Others

If you’re curious about what might happen if you simply refuse to work with others you’re probably not going to like the answer. 

Even if you’re a highly experienced tower climber with countless certifications under your belt, companies still won’t feel comfortable letting you work on a tower by yourself. There’s just too much at stake and too much that can go wrong. 

For those of you who are staunchly opposed to working with a team, you’ll just have to adjust if you want a job as a tower climber. You can make a good living as a tower climber, and the perks are generous. 

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