Where to Find the Best Tower Climbers for Your Next Project

One of the hardest parts about running a tower climbing service is finding the right people for the job. Dozens of tower climbing businesses across the country have been struggling to fill open positions with qualified candidates. Here’s some info to help you figure out where to find the best tower climbers for your next project!

Where Not to Find Them

Before going over where to find the best tower climbers, let’s start out with where not to find them. When it comes to finding talented tower climbers that you can depend on there are some places that you should not be looking for them. 

Although the local bar might seem like a good place to dredge up some hardworking tower climbers, you don’t want a tower climber that drinks too much. Another one to avoid is Craigslist. 

Although there might be some reasonably talented tower climbers on Craigslist, it’s just not a good place to source quality talent. 

Tower Climbing Groups on Social Media

Now that you know where not to look, you’ll be glad to hear that you can find some decent tower climbers in tower climbing groups on social media. Tower climbers like to band together, even online, which is why there are so many tower climbing groups on social media platforms. 

Most of these groups are places where tower climbers can discuss their trade and exchange tips. Some also interject some humor with tower climbing memes. 

While you can find some talented tower climbers on social media groups, it can take some time. You have to create an engaging post to get their attention or start dropping comments on other posts to strike up a conversation. 

Another drawback to sourcing tower climbers from groups on social media is the fact that not all of those groups are well-regulated. Many of them are littered with spammers and scammers from other countries. There’s nothing more discouraging than making a post that says you’re hiring tower climbers only to have someone from Timbuktu chime in. 

Run Ads

Another way to find the best tower climbers for your next project is to run a few ads. You can run an ad in the paper, one on the radio, and place a few Facebook ads. Putting an ad on TV just to hire tower climbers would be a little bit too far and way too expensive. 

Welcome to Tower Climber, the Best Place to Find the Best Tower Climbers in the Business

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